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Posted Date 9/23/2021

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The Aquatics Supervisor is responsible for overseeing all elements associated with the operating of the aquatics staff in all pool areas.  Constant hands-on attention must be given to ensure guest safety and guest satisfaction and to minimize the potential for injury.  The Aquatics Supervisor is responsible to the Aquatics Manager and may be assigned additional responsibilities as they arise.


ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES:  this list of duties and responsibilities is not all inclusive and may be expanded to include other duties and responsibilities, as management may deem necessary from time to time. 


Ensures that each guest received outstanding guest service by providing a friendly environment which includes greeting and acknowledging every guest and maintaining and exceeding departmental quality standards. 


Provide guests with a clean, safe and fun experience while using our indoor and outdoor pool facilities.


Understand and enforce all department policies and procedures as outlined in the department handbook.


In the event a lifeguard cannot make his/her shift and no other lifeguard can be located to staff the position, the Aquatics Supervisor is expected to fill the position his/herself without exception.  Contacting department management to say that a lifeguard was unable to be located to staff a shift is not an acceptable excuse.  The management fully expects that the Aquatics Supervisor fills-in as necessary.  The Aquatics Supervisor must understand this responsibility before accepting this position.  Management expects the person that accepts this position holds it as a high priority.


Make certain lifeguards and slide attendants are staffed and positioned as required by management and/or the state of Wisconsin to minimize liability to the hotel property and injury to guests.


Make certain that all guards and slide attendants are stationed at their positions prior to opening the facilities and until after all pools have cleared following the closing whistle


Make certain lifeguards and slide attendants are in uniform at all times.  No exceptions.


Make certain lifeguards and slide attendants receive breaks on a reasonable basis or as required by state law.


Make certain lifeguards and slide attendants apply sunblock on a consistent basis and are wearing a hat/visor, sunglasses, or both when working outdoors.


Monitor the extent to which guards and slide attendants sit down while supervising pool and activity areas.  While management understands the need to rest on occasion, constantly impress upon the guards the need to be alert and in motion.


Enforce strictly the policy of not allowing guards and slide attendants to checkout of their shift until they have been replaced by another guard, unless the pool area is closed for the day, has been closed due to weather or other threatening conditions, or there are other extenuating circumstances.


Make certain lifeguards and slide attendants are diligently policing and canvassing their assigned areas to keep them free of trash, soiled towels, discarded food or beverages, cigarette butts and other clutter.  Ensure that a thorough and effective clean-up is conducted at closing time.


Use good judgment in closing the facilities due to weather or other threatening conditions that may endanger guest safety.  Post signage in the designated locations throughout the waterparks to inform guests that pool areas have been temporarily closed.  Notify the Manager on Duty prior to sign posting.


Minimize rough housing by any guest which may cause harm to other guests (big or small) or cause guests to complain.


Making certain all guests using the pool have a resort issued wristband.  Be polite when reminding guests without a wristband to stop at a front desk to pick-up wristbands.  Contact security and a Manager on Duty immediately to ask gate crashers to leave.


Make certain a sufficient number of all varieties of tubes are available for guest use without any guest having to wait for a tube.  Monitor the need to blow-up new tubes from inventory and for discarding tubes with leaks.  Make certain flat tubes do not become litter on the pool deck.


All other duties as assigned by management.



Current Red Cross certifications in: First Aid and CPR for the Professional Rescuer, and Lifeguarding, AED & O2.


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